Class A

Lighting. Sound. Rigging. Media engineering. And technical management on top. That’s the package our „Originals Stars“ will put together for you.

We have our roots in traditional event engineering. And we have stuck to these roots for 40 years. We haven’t aged, but we have become more experienced, more long-sighted, better. Do magic with light. Orchestrate with sound. Create a basis with rigging and fill it with media. That’s our idea of event engineering, and that’s what our customers are delighted with. Our technical managers are always on top of things – of all crafts, all technical aspects and security issues. We think big – and down to the smallest detail. We are many – and rely on one face to the customer. We are inspired by new things – and stick to our aspirations. This is why at schoko pro, you will always get the original, never a copy.