Opel worksIn close cooperation with PRG XL Video and Bellprat Associates we were yet again responsible for the technical realization of the trade fair stand and press conference. We created an atmosphere that presented the innovations and key products of the brand in a strong technical and aesthetically modern way.

One of the highlights without a doubt was the 30 x 6 meter backdrop, on the entire length of which 280 dimmable LED FL-tubes were arranged by 1,5 meters each. The idea was developed in exchange with all the various contractors, and it was realized in collaboration, too.
The tubes were mounted by PRG XL Video and individually controlled by us using pixel mapping over the DMX signal. 280 stripes illuminated in red and white showed dynamic images, shapes, waves and different atmospheres. The dark backdrop and the black reflective surface made the light accents stand out even more. All involved parties really enjoyed the puristic and elegant stand design, which also made for a great background for the press conference held in advance.