Charming and modernA hall is more than just an empty space. It’s a space for your dreams, phantasies and plans. Your ideas will fill the space and determine its purpose. The board speaks the crucial words of motivation to its employees, the successful business year comes to a close in a worthy setting, the happy couple dances the first steps into their future together.

Alte Schmelze is as diverse as your life. Fill the space with your own vision. Alte Schmelze will give every event its unique flair and will turn it into a distinctive experience. Our team will support you with your project. If you wish we’ll take over the organization of parts of your event, up to full service organization. It should be noted that when booking Alte Schmelze, you don’t enter a contract with any external suppliers. This leaves you with maximum freedom of choice for your event. If you need recommendations, of course we’re there to help.