Art – Workers

Every show needs media. Every artist needs equipment. Every production needs technology. So far, so normal. But what makes an event special are ideas that turn a performance into a sensation.

That’s where we’re at home. And that’s why schoko pro has a unit that understands technology as art-work. As specialists for propulsion, controls, sensor technology and statics we have made stages move and established ourselves as experts for kinetics in the market. With the precise interplay of media and stage engineering we put the icing on the cake of every production. Because we really know the ropes in stage engineering, special construction and kinetics. If it doesn’t fit, use a bigger hammer – or invent something new. Imagine, tackle, enchant – it all belongs together for us. That’s why the boys and girls in this unit aren’t technicians, they’re mechanical artists. With their brains and muscles they make kinetics, media servers, light and sound blend into a unique experience. From S to XXL. And just the way you dreamt it.