Team – WorkYou don’t have to be a friend of puns to understand what this headline means to us. We are your partner for top-level live experiences, and we work to get every detail of your event right. Starting with the first idea over technical conception and planning down to integrated implementation on site.

As a solutions company we think in perfect solutions – and not in problems along the way. We enjoy our customers’ success. And that’s why we don’t just give 100%, but the important extra 5%. With our cutting-edge approach we prove that technology can be creative – and that creative ideas can work with technical reliability. Because consulting doesn’t work without engineering skills and pulling cables is useless without technical understanding, we commit ourselves to your project holistically. We are your partner, at any given time. From A to Z. Across all crafts. And with the entire service portfolio that is required for successful events. We have an ear for your wishes and a knack for implementation. Just give it a try.