Three units for any Live-Challenge.
What is yours?
We are structured in three highly efficient units. That’s how we organize our competence to be top of the league. And that’s where we belong. But it’s the people who make the difference. That’s why our units bear the names of those who give 100% for schoko every day. That’s our greatest promise: our people.

Project Management


Our units know their stuff. Our project managers make sure everything falls into place eventually. Their core competence: They listen. They’re always available. They know what the customer wants and they direct all crafts to make his wishes come true. From day one. They stay on top of things in technical matters, too. They’re our face to the customer – and a voice that’s heard.



Small bracket or heavy duty railing system, standard or special solution, wood, metal or electronics: Anything is possible in our workshop – in perfect quality. Flexibility as well as regular hardware testing and maintenance – that’s how we keep our workshop ready for every structural challenge. For sure. And if something doesn’t fit – we’ll use a bigger hammer. With know-how and creativity. With a passion that will turn every screw into a small work of art.

Meet the PROs.

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