What do you get if you set up a Double Robotics robot with two iPads and an iPod and bring him to life with a customized software solution? The Segpad, which combines the mobility of a Segway with the functional variety of an iPad.

The user can communicate with a host through the iPad. The host watches the user through the iPad’s camera. Using an iPhone, he can control the Segpad remotely, move it around, communicate with his customer or co-workers and display different contents on the tablet. The host is off stage, while the Segpad moves about, apparently on its own accord. The host can adapt individually to each dialog partner and display different contents.


Segpad is an eye catcher and raises attention. This positive atmosphere promotes the communication process: it’s vivid, fascinating, with a human touch.Features

The Segpad is not only intuitive and user-friendly, but also fulfills all technical requirements for reliable operation. Bluetooth connection, video contents, parking mode, adjustable in height. Variety

The Segpad can be used wherever information is shared, content needs to be explained or customers motivated. Communication and media contents raise awareness for products and companies: events, meetings, presentations, trade fairs.