Stereoscopy meets 360°

Images, videos or live streaming: Providers and recording devices seem to pop up all over the place. Obviously, because the experience and intensity of a 360 degree recording beat conventional images hands down.

We have the know-how and the best practice experience to record your event, your product, your brand and your big moments in 360 degrees. But what would you think if we went even further? If we created images that outshone everything you’ve seen before?Stereoscopy! Never heard of it? It was about time then!Everybody has heard of Stereophony. We switch on the stereo in the living room and experience sound in space. Close, direct and realistic – as if we’re right in the middle, live. We transfer this listening experience into vision. How so? Take some spirit of innovation, a whole lot of experience, 14 cameras and a customized rig. The outcome is the next level in visual presentation. We give your recordings a depth of focus that will leave you speechless. Are you ready for a new reality?