Solid Air

Diamant twin


The SOLID AIR team took up the challenge to develop a Trike representing the highest level in design, quality, flight safety, operating expenses, reliability and performance. The result is the DIAMANT TWIN, a flight sport device which surpasses all expectations and constitutes an outstanding and unique product on the world market.
Applying modern composite-material, propulsion principles and consistently thought-out, detailed solutions we are in the position to offer a product which will fill each sport pilot with enthusiasm. Wether he or she will use the Diamant Twin for training, leisure or speed flying: every pilot will be impressed about the performance and safety of Diamant Twin .
The Diamant Twin offers sufficient reservoir, ergonomic handling and an enormous performance owing to its powerful two-stroke four-cylinder double-piston engine of the company Hirth, which we have used very successfully for over ten years. The advantages of this propulsion principle are:
- extreme smoothness
- small weight
- extremely low maintenance
- low gasoline consumption (less than 8 litres/hour using gas injection).

The resonance of our customers showed us that the set aim was achieved in its entirety: quality, reliability and customer satisfaction. Take a look at the technical description of the Diamant Twin and judge for yourself. It will be a pleasure for us to welcome you as a regular customer.

The team of SOLID AIR, Germany